How To Market Yourself With Branded Masks

Wearing a face mask shows others you care about preventing Covid-19 from spreading because most people know it is one of the most powerful weapons we have against the virus. By slowing the growth rate of new infections, wearing a mask also has an economic benefit. This is because our gross domestic product stays strong by averting additional lockdown measures.
For many, a face mask is also a chance to express themselves, and this is where you gain an opportunity to market your brand. Instead of just selling a mask that says something cute or is meant to match an outfit, you can sell a mask that advertises your product or service. There will be people who will wear your mask just to show loyalty to your brand or organization and others who will simply like the creativity you put into your mask.
Tips On Developing Your Design
Use colors that already make up your brand, but also consider how to combine those colors on the mask. To give you an example, any neutral colors that are already part of your brand should become background colors on your mask. Any bright colors that are part of your brand should be used to help it stand out. You could even put your logo over a solid white mask or one with a neutral color that is not part of your brand.
There are three basic ways to place your logo on a mask. You could place it directly in the center, you could place it to one side, or you could place it repeatedly as a pattern. However, when your logo is placed, you will want it to look clear and creative to catch the eye.
Think about convenience when designing your mask. Would your customers be happy with adjustable ear loops that do not hurt their ears or perhaps a soft, comfortable fabric that will not bother their skin? You might want to offer a wide range of sizes to ensure the mask will fit well with its owner. A mask that fits well is more likely to be worn.

It’s Not Too Late
If you think it is too late to join the face mask production arena think again. With newer strains of covid-19 coming on the scene, face masks are going to be with us for a while. Like old clothes, people get tired of their old face masks and want to try something new. Old masks will stretch, wear, and become lost and need to be replaced.
The Pitch
When pitching your face masks, start by talking about consumer utility. Face masks are necessary for several situations, especially for anyone who has not received the Covid-19 vaccine. Make sure your customers know that. You could even offer a face mask with your brand on it to your customers for free. Giving away a gift is a great way to pitch your product or service, and when they wear the mask, it will promote your business to others. In the end, you will gain more business as more people wear your masks, and as a result, more businesses will stay open.

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